The World Economic Forum is touting that Free Market Capitalism has created a world of misery but there never was Free Market Capitalism in hundreds of years: what we have lived through in the post WW2 era was growing Corporate Capitalism assisted by Economic Planing enforced by growing Governments. Those forces all worked together to impeach the rise of Free Market Capitalism with growing Taxation and Regulations. So the W.E.F wants more Centralization, more Taxation and more Corporate-Socialism to save us from this "world of injustice". What happened until now since this crisis was unleashed? Corporations and states are out for a historically unseen power-grab, killing any hope for any Free Market open to all. #greatreset #capitalism #corporatism #crisis #freemarket https://www.weforum.org/agenda/2020/10/coronavirus-covid19-recovery-capitalism-environment-economics-equality/