Headlie: "How your mobile controls your mind: More and more women are hooked on social media. But in a must-see new documentary, the experts who helped create the tech giants reveal how it’s poisoning the way we all behave" Yes, we know.. but seeing as "The Internet of Things" is one massive Dopamine warehouse, no one should be surprised about this headline, especially the first line of it.. "How your mobile controls your mind". And that's the point. Did not the actual creators of social media platforms admit on record that all social media is designed to destroy and become almost like a drug? I'd say they were correct. Also, I've noticed on the right hand column of the Daily Catalogue that more and more women, influenced by celebrity narcissists to become more independent, are also ''empowering'' themselves by creating an Onlyfans profile. So it's no shock to discover more women are heading towards online pornography as a way to earn a crust when the analogue world is restricted But Onlyfans isn't porn.. no.. it's empowering.. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-8840439/How-mobile-controls-mind.html