All ROADS lead to ROME. Always have always will. Vatican City, the City of London and Washington D.C. are all city states of Satan and all apart of the continued Roman empires. Capitoline Hill in rome turned to Capitol Hill in D.C. All of our courthouses are built like old roman courthouses. We are all under roman canon law. the Roman Empire never ended it just split up into smaller more easily controlled regions. America was the "New World" and the New World Order has been accomplished long ago on their behalf. Ancient papal bloodlines, the black nobility and all of the various royal families have brought their lines down for centuries via inbreeding and marriages within a small numbers of families. The oracles of Apollo or delphi are the bishops, popes and cardinals at the "Holy See". The tower of sauron or all seeing eye lies within the vatican walls. The "GodFather" of the various mafias is the pope that controls all of the intelligence agencies under the Jesuits, they used to have people come into "confessionals" to gather most of their intel now they use agents and spies from all around like lawyers, doctors, psychiatrists and other secret oath members to control intel and knowledge. They own the british royals and royal families all over the world, they are the cia, mi6, mossad, the fbi, nsa, kgb and all other "intelligence agencies. They rule us with their laws, their spies, educational and economic systems set up to keep the good down. They are the secret oath groups like the Freemasons, eastern stars, templars, shriners skull and bones etc etc They control the fraternities and sororities in the college and high school ranks. The boys and girls learn to SCOUT early. They control all governments, all religions, all economies and all land/businesses around us and if you arent with them you arent going to go anywhere in life. The perfect caste system in which they have worked so hard to achieve. If you sell out your folks then maybe you can move up the ranks but you will never be one of them in their eyes, just bastards used to accomplish a goal. These are the fallen angels, the bloodlines of satan himself and this is why the good die young and why the same families and their supporters have money, power and fame in this world. It's a setup, this is hell on earth to a believer and heaven to a disbeliever. Satan and his fallen angels now control this once upon a time garden of eden and heaven but soon there will be war in heaven and satan and his followers will be cast INTO the earth. There isnt much time left this world is becoming more corrupt and wicked by the day and the world will soon pay for their blasphemies and wickedness.