I am hollowed out Like all the time that I have borrowed is running out I can't scream or shout So, I fester here An open wound Picked at so much That it will never heal Do I dare to feel? Do I dare to look in the mirror? Am I even real? This filthy thing Whose insides don't match What is seen in a reflection What is seen by a long long line of eyes In succession Who mock any introspection Who can't see past the skin This skin that I'm stuck in Weak weak flesh And a brain dead set on depression Violent rage flares And rebels against gentle suppression I have not learned my lesson! I have not learned how to act! I am deaf to advice And I am blind to the facts And there's no going back If I can't be free I will surely die I will suffocate But, to be unanchored To be set adrift Is surely the worst of fates? I will close my eyes And contemplate And...wait