Company Responds After Biden Falsely Claims Company Wants to Shut Down The 2020 campaign is nearing its end, and the candidates are making last-minute pitches to the American people. Democratic candidate Joe Biden stopped in Pennsylvania recently, where he caused a ruckus. Now, a local employer is being forced to correct the former vice president after he made outlandish claims. On Tuesday, October 13, the Erie News Now reported Biden misspoke during a recent campaign event in the city. The former vice president was speaking to the news station over the weekend when he said he’d heard “there’s a locomotive plant thinking about shutting down” in the area. That company, Wabtec, had to send an email out to employees calming them down. The message to workers said Biden’s statement was “untrue.” How’s Biden going to run the country if he can’t even get through a campaign speech without causing panic? He made one comment and had people thinking they were going to lose their jobs during a pandemic. Imagine what would happen if he was commander-in-chief, slipped up, and got something wrong during a meeting with a world leader. The results could be disastrous.