Folks, I am going to say this again. Humans are cattle to the bloodlines. Humans are their slaves through indoctrination and mind control. The bloodlines work together to play god in this world. They have no remorse or empathy for humans whatsoever! They control ALL governments and the politicians do their bidding to take over countries. They are the Black Nobility of Rome who hide in the shadows of the Vatican. Rothschild is the Vatican’s money manager for everything and the politicians are paid BIG MONEY to do as they are told and are also blackmailed. Any politician who exposes them are killed. Any politician who they don’t like is killed. Same goes for who they deem is fit to be King or Queen. The pyramid structure is where each one sits in rank. Humans are slaves at the bottom because it’s humans who keep this filthy rotten system in place by their lack of knowledge and wilful ignorance to learn. The 1% want New World Order. They are controlling the politicians to do just that! The 1% will further degrade humans to such a sense of self worthlessness that the weak humans will beg for someone to save them and that will happen because humans have no sense of self worth. Humans believe this is how life is supposed to be because they never learned anything! They just went through life doing whatever they are told by their slave master politicians and beliefs in needing a ruler, master or saviour. Humans have no idea how they will be treated like pigs in a pen by the time this is done. They will break humans like training an animal in a circus. They will degrade humans and feed them scraps just like Nazi Germany because that’s who the 1% are! The most ruthless, wicked people on planet earth! There are only 20,000 of them consisting of 13 families. There are 7.9 billion humans who they FEAR! The bloodlines think nothing of humans because of how easily their minds can be controlled. To them, humans are useless and are only to be used to be their slaves and build whatever world they want! Cattle!