THE SYNAGOGUE IN BĘDZIN - OR HOW THE FACTS ARE BEING SILENCED: It started prosaically. As always, anyway. I was looking for something on the Internet, as vast as it is. I open one page, the other, the fifth ... How did Wikipedia open to me on the website "Synagogue in Będzin" I do not know. Well, but I read it. I read it and ... froze. “During World War II, on the night of September 8–9, 1939, the Nazis burnt the synagogue, along with the Jews praying there. The fire lasted 20 hours and the Wehrmacht and SS soldiers made it impossible to extinguish it. After the end of the war, the synagogue building was not rebuilt. " Alright. Maybe there will be something more. And then there is: “On September 1, 1993, a granite obelisk with inscriptions in Polish and Hebrew was erected on the site of the synagogue, commemorating the Będzin Jews and the synagogue. The obelisk says: "In memory of the Jews, citizens of the City of Będzin and its vicinity, murdered by the Nazis during World War II, the Society of the Friends of Będzin funded this monument on the site of the synagogue burnt down by the occupiers on September 8-9, 1939. Let it be a symbol of these tragic years of lawlessness, cruelty and violence, let it also become a symbol of the rebirth and reconciliation of free nations living in peace and brotherhood "" Alright. Maybe there will be something more. I go to the site - Virtual Sztelt. There is nothing. I go to the site - Polin (Polin Museum). There is nothing. I check again. Well, NO! Without a word ! Not a mention! He was the Chamberlain of His Holiness the Holy Father, Honorary Canon of the Częstochowa Chapter, parish priest of St. Trinity in Będzin and his name was Wincenty Mieczysław Zawadzki. How is it possible that there is NO WORD about Him ?! After all, it was Father Zawadzki, when the synagogue was burning on the night of September 9, 1939, when the Germans, who set it on fire, did not allow it to be extinguished, not looking at the fact that there were praying people inside - he opened the garden gates for those fleeing the fire and when the synagogue was burning down, he helped them pass through the church gardens, and then through the gate to the Castle Hill in Będzin! Because it was not only from the synagogue that they have been escaping. The Germans surrounded houses at Plebańska, Kościelna and Kołłątaja Streets inhabited mainly by Jews. They opened fire to people who started running out of their homes to save their lives and property. The help of Father Zawadzki was priceless! However, it was not the end of the provocation. The same night, the Germans arrested 42 Poles who were accused of setting fire to Jewish houses. The arrested denied it, but when they were promised that if they confessed they would return home, some decided to admit that they had caused anti-Semitic excesses. Those imprisoned on the same day were shot as arsonists and ordered to be buried by Fr. Zawadzki. How did the priest feel when he was saying his last words over their coffins? I don't even want to imagine. For saving Jews, Father Zawadzki was posthumously awarded the Israeli medal "Righteous Among the Nations" in 1989. Somehow nobody remembers about 42 Poles who gave their lives to make the fairy tales of the Germans credible.