HOW LONG MUST WE WAIT OH LORD?! #80sMusic? HEY! if i can get enough people over time to just upvote Oh videos without watching them... eventually i'll be able to get away with just doing covers! and sayin to hell with the video! lol noone checks anyway right...I could start making outrageous claims like...Little Mermaid synchs to Faith No More no no wait SPLAASH! yeah.. i mean who tf knows..OMG have you guys seen fkn um..Adel + IT? omg its amazing literally and um omg! Bobby McFarren album synchs to Joker!! its hot and new available now i swear lol. Book of ROMANC 12, 42-98 SO WHERE WILL YOU SPEND AN ETERNITY FRIEND? Heaven? or Bitchute? #BitChuteLosesToGlaciers #JustOneFix