My reason for liking Lemmy a lot is selfish. He sounds just like an old Vietnam veteran I knew who was my mentor and friend that took me in when I was up shit's creek. I sympathize with this song as it's easy to be angry at God when those preaching his gospel often succumb to corruption,greed,and lust. I guess that's the price paid when we return to this earth. Aka,we have to fight the temptations of our meat-suits. Just throwing on a preacher's robes ain't gonna make us "more holy" unless we put forth actual effort to become truly virtous. In the end a whore can be closer to God than a friar or even a bishop. Jesus was not concerned with labels or ranks,only what is in our hearts. The thing is this cycle repeats. Aka you might turn to atheism or wicca or satanism or even hinduism and buddhism but in the end there will always be a few sincere individuals really trying to figure stuff out and a lot of charlatans and big-mouth ballers that talk the talk but cannot walk the walk. The reason I like the new testament so much is there is a lot of common sense and good advice in there. Even if you are a non believer I still believe it presents the roadmap towards becoming a better person. Remember, the best knights that became heroes always lived up to their code. The rest were forgotten along the long winding road. #motorhead #heavymetal #lemmy #spirituality #life