Something just doesn't add up about the news that Trump got the Kong-flu. Just a few days ago, he had a debate with Bidden and everyone in the room had been tested, then 2 days later Trump gets the covid... It is not like Trump interacts with a lot of strangers on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure everyone needs to be tested to even set foot in the white house. Is it because of a false positive? Are the Dems trying to stop anymore debates before the elections so someone in the deep state gave a false result? Put on your tin foil hats for one second. What if this was some 40D chest thing: We all know that Trump is taking hydroxychloroquine and that the dems are banning this treatment in many states. What if Trump is pretending to have the covid; he will spend a few days in the hospital shaking hands; he will benefit from the sympathy vote when he comes out of the hospital. AND!!! He will be the living proof that hydroxychloroquine works, putting an end to this covid bullshit. I mean, this event is covered by everyone in the world. Everyone's eyes are on Trump right now. Think about it: he could have spent 2 weeks in the white house and try to keep this thing secret, but no, he got on the chopper with all the journalists watching and went straight to the hospital on the first day. This means that patients everywhere will start asking their doctor why they are not on that drug and with the covid over, no need for mail voting. Trump will have outplayed everyone. Gato Villano