The Great Deception

The Great Deception The history of currency operating as a unit of measure can be easily understood by looking at coins where literally the measure (weight) of the metal (gold or silver, for instance) was the value of the coin. The metal coin was a fitting standard. Central bank currencies like the US Dollar are thought to function like a unit of measure (one dollar), but today it is only fiat money (not commodity backed)........We may forget that ten years ago that same dollar would buy two Hershey bars, two bags of chips, two gallons of gas, a whole gallon of milk, and two dozen eggs. Over time it is easy to prove that this dollar unit of measure is not a standard. Consider as a comparison how a foot ruler is a unit of measure consisting of twelve inches. Has a ruler changed in the last ten years? No. How would a culture respond to a changing size of an inch or a meter? Wouldn’t we have chaos? We are deceived into thinking that a dollar is a standard unit of measure and is something that we can rely on to understand Value. This is a Great Deception. - excerpt from Item Banc Founder - Virginia Robertson's upcoming book The Language of Value #bhn #blockchain #dollar #currency #money