"The freedom of music makes me feel alive and happy... For me, it’s all about magic, intimacy, and goosebumps, always.” - Giorgia Angiuli I listen to music a lot more than I watch TV/videos. During the pandemic, I came across a really cool musician, Giorgia Angiuli on YouTube. She's a super talented multi-instrumentalist. Recently, she posted about how she creates her music - and it turns out she starts with art! 🎨 For her, colors correlate with musical notes, so, she'll use the colors in a painting to build up the patterns in her songs. I found that so totally cool!! 😃 She's also been doing cool "Musicolors" collaborations with other musicians who are stuck at home by inviting them to contribute to some tracks. Since I don't really work with music software at all, I can't really contribute that way. But, she has a few videos of sets she did from her studio. So, I decided to create a painting inspired by the colors and shapes in her studio! It kinda makes me feel like I'm part of the cool "Musicolors" movement of artists inspiring artists that she's got going on. It's not quite done yet, a few more days and it should all come together 🙂 Check out one of her sets to see my inspiration @ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KMPdtmRjlU