WE ARE FIGHTING FOR THE SURVIVAL OF AMERICA: For almost four years, we have witnessed behaviors and actions from the leftest side of our nation that not only represent a radical political direction, but also an agenda which seems to be designed to intentionally weaken the very foundation of this great nation. They have shown us that their endless disrespect and even disdain for the Judicial, Legislative, and especially the Executive branch of our governmental body is in line with a hatred which would typically be reserved for those who consider America an ultimate enemy. The left is trying to create a new path which demands that the people surrender their rights and freedoms, as they slowly move us toward total submission to that misguided government agenda. The left has moved with an obviously focused attack on the strengths of America for the sole purpose of creating the illusion that the role of President Donald J. Trump should be considered a complete failure, and that the president is a threat to the Republic. In November, we have a responsibility to this great nation, and we need to stand stronger than at any point in American history when those voting places open their doors. On that day, we are not simply voting to allow President Trump a second term in the White House; our responsibilities go much further than placing one man in office. On that day, when we submit our votes, we are choosing between greatness and failure. We are choosing the difference between a loyalty to America and complete submission to the enemy. We are choosing to allow President Donald J. Trump to continue to fight for what is simply right for the nation and the people who call America their home, as opposed to surrendering to that leftest agenda, which has shown us over and over and over that they have a far darker vision for the future of our nation. People, we are not simply voting in November; we are trying to survive, as a nation...Vic Damico ///