Court Rules Subway Bread Can No Longer Be Called “Bread”!!!

DONATE ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ Subway sandwiches have been exposed again, not for using yoga mat chemicals or for employing a pedophile as their spokesperson, but this time it’s for the high sugar content in their bread which must now be classified as a confectionary according to an Irish Judge! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth shows how food is changing and why you need to learn how to grow your own food now before its too late! Stay Up To Date With Dan Dicks of Press For Truth HERE ➜ SUBSCRIBE: BITCHUTE ➜ LBRY ➜ FLOTE ➜ DLIVE ➜ HIVE ➜ MINDS ➜ SUPPORT: PATREON ➜ SUBSCRIBESTAR ➜ DONATE via Paypal ➜ GoGetFunding ➜ Or you can send an e-transfer to FOLLOW: PARLER ➜ INSTAGRAM ➜ TWITTER ➜!/DanDicksPFT STEEMIT ➜ DTUBE ➜!/c/pressfortruth GAB ➜ Sources: When Times Get Tough Having Access To REAL FOOD IS ESSENTIAL For Survival! What You NEED To Know!!! The Government Does NOT Want You To Grow Your Own Food! Here's Why YOU SHOULD And How!