Arm yourself with knowledge of these things for your mental defense: - virus size - mask filter size (the masks you see wouldnt be effective if it was a real pandemic) - the power of the immune system - the influence of life choices that increase susceptibility to getting sick - OSHA training (those who are sick wear masks, those who arent dont) - the incentivization of COVID in healthcare (driving a false reality) - thought slavery developed through social engineering to create dependence instead of self-reliance - propaganda networks (propping up a false reality to make it seem real) - the left and right hand of the problem (establishment, career democrats and republicans) - identifying NON-career politicians and realizing how few there are in the Democrat ranks and that there are more in the Republican ranks (thus making the right hand easier to hijack from the cabal and use it against the cabal) - Hegelian dialectic (predetermined, desired responses through created problems)
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