Sept 2020 Perez & Montagnier HIV MAN-MANIPULATED CORONAVIRUS GENOME EVOLUTION TRENDS March2020 JC PEREZ. (2020). WUHANCOVID-19 SYNTHETIC ORIGINS AND EVOLUTION. -Yes it remain ok Meanwhile they done some censure on Google; Janvier 2020 First sequence of covid_19 available: January 2020 BASEL PREPRINTS VERSION 1. Without HIV (we compare genomes of SARS, MERS and Covid19) February 2020 Article published on PREPRINTS BASEL VERSION 2. With HIV Article online until February 17 Minister, It is for the sake of information for all practical purposes that I sent you a website link yesterday From my PREPRINTS article which shows why a mini region of 1% of the genome covid-19 contains 6 (six) functional regions of HIV / six. This morning, an extremely rare fact, my article is deleted for unknown reasons. I hope of course that their origin is not national. I have good reason to think that they would be US. Attached is the email received from the publisher (after presence of the article for 15 days on Line). Dear Perez, Your following preprint to Preprints has been successfully withdrawn. DOI: 10.20944 / preprints202002. 0025.v2 Type: Article Title: Wuhan nCoV-2019 SARS Coronaviruses Genomics Fractal Megastructures Evolution and Origins Authors: Jean-Claude Perez Emails: [email protected] Submission Received: 2020-02-13 Then almost immediately the same day, my article is WITHDRAWN Just like that of Indian researchers ... Response from the PREPRINTS Basel site manager July 2020 : Perez, J. C.& Montagnier, L. (2020). COVID-19, SARS AND BATS CORONAVIRUSES GENOMES PECULIAR HOMOLOGOUS RNA SEQUENCES. *International Journal of Research -GRANTHAALAYAH*, *8*(7), 217-263. September 2020: Update article on Evolution and REINFECTIONS of the genome Perez & Montagnier HIV Man-Manipulated Coronavirus Genome Evolution Trends. Currently, we can also show that the rare deletions observed by Raoult in Marseille showing a high rate of mutations in 300 patients also affect these regions here. HIV ANNEX SLIDE PDF Presented by Col Lawrence Sellin to the US Senate
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