Oh, a Netflix star arrested for child porn - why am I not surprised? Let's put this into perspective: Not putting down gay people is just common decency. Homosexuality has been a constant throughout the history of humanity. It is clearly part of our genetic code that a certain number of individuals will be born gay. Extending "gay" to LGBT, thus including a mental disorder (transgender) as if it was a sexual orientation was a bad move. Totally undermining the entire "sexual orientation", women's and men's rights. Giving LGBT people a lot of power and influence and trying to make gay the norm? That's just stupid. It is obvious that their values and goals are different from values and goals of the majority of the people. We can perfectly coexist, but we cannot let marginals impose their values as the norm. Their values will not serve the heterosexual majority or society in general. After giving LGBT an exceptional status in society, It was only a matter of time before pedophiles - psychopaths who represent a serious threat to children - tried to be accepted as "oppressed minority", as "MAPS" (Minor attracted person). And while by far not all homosexuals are pedophiles, pedophilia is far more prevalent among male homosexuals than among the general male population. This cannot be ignored. As for politically and economically powerful individuals, it is more than obvious, by now, that the number of pedophiles among them is extremely high, either because psychopaths are very likely to succeed in politics and corporate business and a large number of psychopaths are also pedophiles or because gaining power puts people into contact with others who are pedophiles. There is evidence for both. Let's go back to the place where homosexuals have equal rights and are legally protected, but are not celebrated in any way - what for should they be celebrated? - and where pedophiles are socially rejected, treated as psychopaths and kept very, very far away from children. And where even a hint of pedophilia gets people removed from positions of power. https://www.tmz.com/2020/09/17/netflix-cheer-star-jerry-harris-arrested-child-pornography/