"AstraZeneca, which owns the rights to the vaccine named AZD1222, never confirmed what the side effect was and has today dismissed the report as being 'inaccurate'. It also insisted there is no proof that the vaccine was to blame." Hmm.. ok.. I could postulate that another reason could be that it wasn't the vaccine AZD1222 but in fact the control vaccine, which was a meningitis strain AZD1222 was being compared against, so, technically speaking, it would be ''inaccurate'', but not quite truthful either.. and still appears to be evasive or secretive.. "Our Coronebola vaccine didn't cause it (myelitis), but we're not going to admit the meningitis control vaccine was the cause either. We have too much cash invested in AZD1222, so dismiss it and carry on.." But, "The London-based firm's chief executive reportedly confirmed that the woman did receive the real experimental jab and not a placebo shot".. What was the placebo? https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8744401/Report-claims-Covid-19-jab-trial-paused-transverse-myelitis-left-woman-struggling-walk.html Addendum report >> https://covid19vaccinetrial.co.uk/files/cov002pisages18-55yearsv11011sept2020pdf