If Military Intelligence knew that COVID was a hoax, why did they let it go ahead? Answer: They needed us to wake up and change some things. For instance, Chinese communist hacker had infiltrated just about every corporate network in the western world because the CASTLE model of security was fundamentally broken. Read this to see how suddenly, everybody fixed that problem. The Death of the Corporate Network The death of the corporate network had long been predicted. You can't rely on your old corporate controls anymore — firewalls, NIDS, and WAFs don't keep attackers out; "they are a Band-aid," they said. They give you a "false sense of security," they cried. I know you think your hardened perimeter protects you, but eventually, someone will find their way past it. Once there is that single crack, an attacker can rampage around your network's soft center. Building a castle wall around your data won't stop a persistent threat. Overnight your workforce moved out of the office, off your network to their homes. And, your corporate network was no more. The process now was remote. I've repeatedly heard this story from many Security and IT leaders. Their world has suddenly changed overnight. A scramble began to build or upgrade the infrastructure needed to move their employees into a remote environment: they quickly spun up a VPN, or in some cases, they just open applications up to the Internet. They allowed users to roam beyond their castle walls and allowed access to data in ways that would have terrified them previously. https://auth0.com/blog/the-death-of-the-corporate-network/