BREAKING NEWS: DEMOCRATS NOW QUESTION THE SAFETY AND EFFICACY OF A CORONA VACCINE In a breathtaking turn of events, the democrats are now question how effective, and safe a corona vaccine would be, given that it's while Trump is in office. What's truly shocking, is that democrats have literally been calling any, and all conservatives, who are keenly aware of all of the toxins INSIDE modern vaccines, all sorts of whackos, crazies, stupid. In fact, you can't question vaccines, nor sue the makers of vaccines by law, due to congress passing legislation protecting vaccine makers against lawsuits arising from severe side effects of the vaccines. Now, all of a sudden, democrats put the other shoe on, and are now anti-vaccers. Every argument the conservatives were making about mercury and other toxins being inside vaccines, as preservatives, are now being made by democrats. Kamala Harris said she wouldn't trust anything that came from Trump. Joy Behar all of a sudden started quoting the very long time it takes a vaccine. Something conservatives have been saying for decades now, vs the forced vaccines, that they come up with every year. Kamala Harris said she'll take it, after Ivanka takes it. Ivanka tweeted, she's taking it as soon as it's available. Ivanka, happens to be a democrat, like the rest of the Trump family, by the way.