What is Zcoin? https://youtu.be/hl_bG5xM8VQ What is Zcoin? There are so many privacy coins that include the letter z that it's easy to get them confused, and many people don't realize that Zcoin actually predates Zcash, and is based on entirely different cryptography. It's also interesting to note that the Zcoin blockchain was used in the first ever application of blockchain in a large scale political election, by Thailand's democratic party to elect its new leader in 2018. Paul Puey (Edge CEO) and I dive into the history, tech, & what's next for Zcoin. We also put our money where our mouths are: we each decide whether to invest $100. This is not investment advice, we're just giving you a peek into our own portfolios and how we make decisions for ourselves. Keep in mind, I'm more interested in the team, the tech, and whether it's a cool project than in short term gains. If you'd like a more in depth look at Zcoin, this week I did a members-only interview with Zcoin co-founder Reuben Yap. Watch the interview here: Naomibrockwell.com/memberships To have your question answered on the show, send a message to https://cointr.ee/naomibrockwell Also available on LBRY! #crypto #zcoin #privacy #blockchain #voting