"Let them furnish the means by which they suffer" is one of the darling creeds of the banking and political class that rules every country on Earth. For example, the tax cattle are systematically robbed at gunpoint through income taxes, sales taxes, and property taxes, and the vast share of that money goes to the pockets of the banking and political oppressors. The banking class can at any time use their money printing press (aka the central bank) to fund any social program like the military and the police but instead, they force the tax cattle to pick up the bill. Because the money that the tax cattle could've used for the betterment of their lives can now be used to oppress them through the iron fist of the police state. The tax cattle furnish the means by which they suffer. And now as we're in the midst of another false flag and a planned crisis like 9/11, the banking/political class is mandating small businesses to shut down and workers to stay at home due to the pandemic that was created by governments and corporations. But instead of using their money printing press to manufacture money out of thin air (like they always do to subsidize the stock market) to support the tax cattle financially until they're allowed to work, the banking/political class decided to use tax money instead to give them just a few hundred dollars per month that's barely enough to cover food expenses. The banking/political class created the problem, and now they're making the tax cattle pay for it. Because the tax cattle MUST furnish the means by which they suffer. Furthermore, the banking/political class is mandating everyone WORLDWIDE to get COVID19 injections before they're allowed to travel or go back to work and school. And who's paying for that vaccine? The tax cattle, of course! The tax cattle ALWAYS furnish the means by which they suffer. The tax cattle also pay for their own brainwashing. They are conditioned by the banking class to go to an indoctrination camp (school in doublespeak) to waste the best years of their lives learning how to be good slaves for the Rockefellers, the Rothschilds, and the Morgans. The PRIMARY mission of these indoctrination centers is to enforce obedience to the authorities and produce obedient conformist workers. "I don't want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers." ~ John D. Rockefeller, a kingpin central banker and the creator of the General Education Board in 1903. Before public schooling, normalizing a worldview on the masses and brainwashing them to accept state propaganda unquestionably wasn't easy. Schools made it possible on an industrial scale. Thanks to schools, existing generations are the MOST brainwashed in the history of human civilization. The invention of the TV further reinforced authoritarian indoctrination making it even more successful. Fascism, Nazism, Communism, Capitalism, and all other similarly horrific social orders have one fundamental element in common that allows them to exist: reduction of individuality in favor of collectivism and unquestionable obedience to authorities. And what do schools enforce above all else? Collectivism and the unquestionable obedience to authorities. Indoctrinate them young, and they'll never question authority. The tax cattle also pay for their systemic emasculation. Competitive sports like basketball and football are designed to emasculate the audience by having them sheer for tall muscular men who are physically better than them in every way. And who pays for that? The emasculated tax cattle, of course. Many sports stadiums in America are financed by the obedient tax-paying cattle. And to add insult to injury, the emasculated men will have to pay for tickets to enter these mass emasculation stadiums after they're built using tax money. The tax cattle furnish the means by which they suffer. #IncomeTax #IncomeTaxes #NoIncomeTax #NoIncomeTaxes #ZeroIncomeTax Sources: https://is.gd/nxsaop https://is.gd/xHxLnh https://is.gd/F9f2BY https://is.gd/nBnEcq https://is.gd/Uk00qE https://is.gd/gS3ckZ