My review of 'the free thought project' I commented on this piece - https://thefreethoughtproject.com/watch-cops-chase-man-down-over-an-open-beer-execute-him-with-a-bullet-to-the-head I pointed out that the story had more to it than the article suggests, and asked pertinent questions, such as "why did he run, if it was just an open beer?" and "what else was he wanted for?" Looking at a number of sources, not just the usual acab suspects, gives a better understanding of the incident. Yes, he had an open beer in a public place (some areas have problems with public drunkenness, but tftp did not say if this was the case) which isn't a capital offense, and no police would have "executed" anyone for just that. Tftp did not mention the fact that during a tussle with one of the officers, the suspect made a grab for the policeman's firearm, breaking the holster. This was the reason the other officer shot him. I asked tftp if there would be protests for the 'white Jacob Blake' but I did not se his reply before he deleted all the comments and blocked me (so much for 'free thought'...) Only giving us half the facts which support your narrative (in this case, acab) is what you can expect from the mainstream media, not from an org with 'free' in their name... If you want to see bodycam footage of the actual incident, instead of agenda-driven opinion, try this: https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/san-diego-police-under-fire-after-killing-a-man-who-took-a-cops-gun/