*excerpt: A woman is being investigated by police in Brazil after she bit a man's testicle off. The woman, named locally as Bruna, has admitted to the attack on September 5 - but says she only acted in self-defence when the man tried to rape her. She claims the man, named locally as Pedro, her neighbour, came into the bedroom of her home in Miguel Alves, northern Brazil, where she was with another man and assaulted her. In a video which has since gone viral, she claims that the man - who she alleges is her pimp - pushed her on to her bed with enough force to break it, before trying to rape her. She confesses to biting him twice in self-defence, though says she was unaware at the time that she had bitten his testicle off. Local reports suggest that the man may also be her ex-boyfriend, and attacked her out of jealousy. She denied dating him. 'He climbed naked on the bed, he didn't even let the guy undress, saying it was him now,' she says in the video, according to a transcript from Corriero Braziliense. 'Then, he took [his penis] and started attacking me. The guy was pulling him to get him off me, while he was pulling my hair. 'As he was already naked, on the bed, I took [his penis] and went - when my hair was pulled like that - I went downstairs... and bit it. 'Because women don't have the strength of men, understand? I went to his weak point. I bit.' After the attack, the man was rushed to hospital in a serious condition, where doctors were unable to reattach the testicle. The man received stitches, and was discharged the same day. He claims that the attack was unprovoked, telling the G1 news channel that he 'did not deserve what happened to him'. Bruna told another news site, Meionorte, that she was raped twice as a child, and refused to become a victim a third time. Police opened an investigation into the case after the man's sister contacted them several days after the attack took place. Detectives have carried out a medical examination on the man, and have since interviewed him and the woman. A decision is still pending on whether one or both of them will be charged. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-8747895/Woman-bites-mans-testicle-tried-rape-Brazil.html