End of the Mainstream ~ NgAng Art. A Right Royal Flush. Ironically, the most intetesting court case in history, is where an acute dyslexic man who recieved a ticket for parking in a disabled car park without displaying a disabled parking permit, went on to not challenge the ticket itself, but the very foundations of law & authority being... The presumptions of ,guilt, trustees, guardians, custody, government acting in two roles as benificiary and executor, public service, public oath, immunity, agent and agency, incompetence, summons, and public record. The presumption of law The presumption of vaild authority The presumption of consent to govern The presumption of legitimacy of election The presumption of money. And WON. How David destroyed Goliath while the people slept. LAW - Debunked - A *presumption* in formal officially agreed proven legal fact. https://facebook.com/111839020612463/photos/a.111847313944967/111850140611351/?type=3&source=44 ELECTIONS - Debunked - Fraud in formal officially agreed proven legal fact. https://facebook.com/111839020612463/photos/a.111847313944967/111847293944969/?type=3&source=48 Government - Debunked - Illegal, unlawful & illigitimate in formal officially agreed proven legal fact. https://facebook.com/111839020612463/photos/a.111876133942085/111879020608463/?type=3&source=48 Banks & Banking. - Debanked - Fraud in formal official agreed proven legal fact. https://facebook.com/111839020612463/photos/a.111876133942085/111861383943560/?type=3&source=48