Just some short glimpse into the newest Truth Theory Podcast episode that goes live this Sunday on all major platforms both in audio and video version. You can also watch it on Truththeory.com/podcasts I interviewed @GavinNascimento who is an activist, public speaker, and life coach. Gavin takes his job very seriously and always backs his claims with a lot of credible evidence. His journey is truly remarkable. When he was younger he was getting himself in trouble with the police on a regular basis. Getting into street fights, drug problems, alcoholism - all sorts of issues. He got to the point where he was contemplating suicide. He finally decided to change his life and he started educating himself about all sorts of subjects. He went through an amazing transformation and overcame his challenges. Now he is educating others on how they can do the same. We filmed 2 part interview with him where he shares his journey. He is also passionate about educating people on how the society really operates and what are the forces manipulating humanity, keeping us divided and disempowered.