Among the pernicious misunderstandings that plague this country and its people is the idea that we, the rank and file people of this country, carry obligations under the Company Policy of HM Parliaments and Governments Corporation. We don't. We never did. Our government as with all other governments on Earth are governments in name ONLY. And they are false claims at that. It's they that are duty bound to prove the claim. And since 2015 they ( the Westminster criminal cartel) have been asked for the evidence. None has been received and therefore legal agreements have been achieved due to their lack of candour and clarity. Let's be sensible enough here to realise that this lie is ancient. 805years ancient. Never once in all that time has any government on this planet been bothered to secure the consent of the governed. Not once, not anywhere in any land. The well known maxim: 'He who makes a claim carries the legal obligation to provide the material and presentable evidence to support that claim. Without which there would be rampant accusations and claims with no consequences. The obligation has never been honoured A duty that they have failed by orders of magnitude. We keep struggling with people who are under the delusion that "the government" has money, apparently, endless money to spend. But the fact is that the free-loading parasites have no money and never did have any money. What they have been spending like drunken sailors is credit that they stole from us. So what happens when they offer to pay you back for what they've stolen? Ah, you just go deeper in debt ---- because what they are spending is your credit. It's like a Credit Card Thief caught with your card, red-handed, and in response, he says, hey, I'll pay you back with interest! --- And he gets ready to swipe your card, again. See? The "Government" has no money. They can't pay you back. They deliberately stole our identities, impersonated us, and accessed our credit. Just like any credit card hacker. Just like any identity thief. You thought they were your government, instead of a pack of foreign subcontractors merely in the business of providing governmental services, so you trusted them and obeyed them. And they abused you, stole your children, conscripted three generations of us into legalized slavery, and have all but destroyed your country. While on your payroll. That's the Bad News. The Good News is that: (1) the banks that colluded in this are on the hook for it; (2) we have them in a legal bind so tight that there is no way they can get out of it; (3) all the actual assets belong to you and people like you and (4) we know who is responsible for this and we are bearing down on them like hammers on a nail. So, wake up, Britain. All that money that "the" government has been spending is your credit, the value of your assets, purloined under conditions of deceit, racketeering, and unlawful conversion. It's time for a Debt Jubilee, since all the debt is phoney anyway. And the return of your credit and your assets, unharmed, unencumbered, and set free. Hold tight and keep your eyes on the prize.