Are you an American and a minority? Are you claiming systemic racism exists against minorities in 2020, but you became wealthy, famous, and/or very successful as an athlete, inventor, artist, actor, businessman (etc) in America? Then you are the one perpetuating systemic racism. You are a race baiter and part of the problem. You are ungrateful towards every American (no matter their skin color) that helped participate in your success and elevation. Perhaps you would serve America & yourself best by just leaving this country. Return to whatever nation you honor in your hyphenated identities. Your racism is not welcome in a nation that is not racist. You also hate America for no realistic reason. As an American you were afforded opportunities other nations & people do not have, yet you are claiming oppression. You are the actual racist prolonging and fueling racism. Racism against minorities does not exist today according that message. Racism against minorities does not exist systemically or on the scale that these race baiters claim. If it did then they would not be famous, wealthy, educated, or acknowledged & accepted anywhere in this country. They would be cast out entirely and incapable of achieving anything even remotely close to their current status/position. This may have been true prior to the 1960’s, but it does not exist today. These race-mongers had the exact same opportunities and banked on those opportunities, yet claim that America is a systemically racist nation. No. That is a hateful lie and they should hide their heads in shame for exploiting that lie. For whatever they gain by proselytizing hate and for perpetuating systemic racism they should be called out in the streets. They are the cause of oppression. They use their fame, wealth, and influence to preach oppression and they join hands with those that openly exploit them. They were Made in America, but claim Americans are racist and America is oppressive. Then they have the audacity to preach against Caucasians and openly discriminate against them based on their skin color. Who are the actual racists?