They seeded our entire bureaucracy with pedophiles. Intentionally. Guilty people are always easily blackmailed and controlled. Holy mary mother of pearl...we MUST protect our children. We MUST get our priorities straight. == Donald Trump's Shadow War Against Pedophilia (13:45) Sex Trafficking has been taking a beat down ever since Trump took office. Arrests are skyrocketing, sites are getting shut down, and the America is becoming a better place. Watch this video to see how the Trump Administration has fought sex trafficking and pedophilia in his first term in office. I chose not to monetize this video. == 🤡🌎🦇🦠😷🐑🍕⛩🤡🌎☠️😠😤😡🤬🦅💰🎯☄️🐉💥💡 Please, visit @TheStrike! Channel to catch what you might have missed in your MindsFeed. ~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~~/~/~/~ Like what we do? Kindly Comment, Tip a Token, Remind & Subscribe to . . . The Strike! 💡 #JustaMask #News #Covid19 #Riots #Trump2020 https://youtu.be/nvbP8Itdc1k