Presents heather_rwg " Warning: This might be long to baby Heather and the random picture that started this whole crazy little Instagram thing 3 years ago! I didn't have any idea something we did often as kids would turn into this haha So much has happened over those years and I just wanted to say thank you all for your continued support (shoutout to cutecountrygirls for encouraging me and legitimately always being there when I need to talk, All of you mean a lot to me and I still can't quite believe how a simple farm girl from a tiny little town found her way into so many lives, literally across the world! It's unreal and I cherish the great friendships and opportunities I've made and been exposed to, all thanks to YOU GUYS. So, long story short: THANK YOU, each and every one of you. For letting me virtually share the good days with you, and getting me through the bad days with your kind, positive words and encouragement ( realtalk : everyone has bad days whether they're "living the dream" or not, and that's okay) It means more than you could ever know. Bring on can't wait for the work and adventures that await with you guys and all of the other amazing humans in my life who are still a part of it, or have recently become a part or it. Wouldn't be here without you or my family‍Xoxoxo"