NOT ALL THOSE fires in Oregon, Washington, and California are NATURAL FIRES!!! A lot are ARSON, set by ANTIFA and BLM (both funded by SOROS). Some of these people are masquerading as someone delivering water...nice try! Now tell me, does the person in the pic lieing face down look like a good samaritan delivering water? Think of all the innocent people who lost their houses! Think about all the innocent WILDLIFE killed because of these arsonists! All of this could have been avoided if, IF, the stupid fucking Dem Governors, and Mayors, would have stopped these pieces of shit 3 1/2 MONTHS AGO! Yeah, that was when Memorial Day weekend was!!! For 3 1/2 months these useless assholes did nothing! And worse, let anyone free and did not press charges against anyone arrested!!! You know, all those GLOBAL WARM-ISTS OUT THERE...Where the hell are you??? Seriously, you wine and cry how the earth is dieing, yet not a word out of you now! Do you know how many TOXIC CHEMICALS are released when a house or building burns?!?!?!? Think about that, and all that carbon....shit, these EXTRA NON-NATURAL FIRES just added a shit load of toxins into the air...and not a word from you or from the Dems about global warming! Were is that little 2-faced cunt Gretta Thunder-Retard at huh???? What did these arsonists just steal from her??? Share the hell out of this! Especially with all your animal / PETA and global warming friends! Maybe we can get them to get this shit to stop! We all know it won't be the Dems that end this!!! https://www.foxnews.com/us/oregon-wildfires-woman-seen-holding-suspected-arsonist-at-gunpoint