It's just "fantasy". Cool your tits!

So after the agonizing process of signing my lease and a buncha other papers someone dropped a comment about my rule 34 art. I don't want to simply quote her directly for the sake of anonymity but it is the typical "These positions would not be comfortable to real woman. " then yaddled on to express some other peeves. Fam, I'm not sure if you noticed but I'm not exactly going for photo realism in my smut doodles! Have you seen the schlongs on some of my dudes? Have you noticed a lot of my "porn stars" are werewolves,bee girls,zombies,bunny girls,vampires,androids,demons,sleep paralysis nightmares,and that list goes on and on? I mean the point of what I do is I can use my imagination. Things can be "bigger". All my chicks can be triple jointed contortionists. Hell,no one even has to be human! What can I say? It is liberating. I'm going to be frank,for everything I've drawn I've seen far more questionable stuff in the profiles of females in adult chat rooms. I'm not revealing this "out of spite" but any of you who have been apart of the "adult sex community" online know what I'm talking about! I've seen women who want to be eaten and shat out by dragons,tentacle fucked by weird plants,get beaten within an inch of their lives by the equivalent of MMA fighters into BDSM, be the hos of ruthless and cruel despot thugs,age play as "little girls" getting taken advantage of by their uncles or daddies,and pretty much being hypnotized/mind controlled right before being gang banged by a gaggle of goblins! Look,I'm not gonna judge! Yet I must ask WHY you gonna judge "me"? "Liek,oh no, look what he drawz he must either be a LOSER or a soon-to-be serial rapist!" Okay then, what do all the fantasies I listed above say about the fairer sex then? Because as dark as I can get ladies, you all have me beat. I mean some of you literally roleplay out your own deaths and get off on that shit yet "I'm" the degenerate? Naw fam,fuck that. If you're gonna put me on trial for thought crimes I'm gonna do the same to you and turn the reflective surface of the mirror back on you. Tell me,who writes the most ridiculous of raunchy fan fictions? Whose closets consists of dildos that are the size,color,and often the texture of "monster" cocks? Which gender pulls in more money doing "freaky shit" on cam? Ey, I'm not trying to be an asshole but I'm so sick and tired of men getting shamed for expressing our sexual fantasies whereas women by contrast get the usual "You go gurl,you are empowered!" ego stroking bullshit. Call me a dirty bastard and I'll call you a dirty bitch,that's all I'm saying. Too salty you say? Welp,it was a bad day but at least I'm an adult taking care of business and doing shit I hate just to keep a roof up over my head. Yeah, reality sucks! That's the point of why I draw things. But if you think my art is an indicator of how I'd try to fuck irl that is so astronomically off base and retarded I don't know how to respond. Sure, I have some of those fetishes but I wouldn't expect my girlfriend to be able to fold herself into a suitcase or take cocks up in her the size of a storm giant's! (Just as I'm sure women with all their off brand fetishes in their roleplaying profiles would not want them to happen "exactly that way" in real life. That's why it is "pretend"!) More and more I'm convinced men and women do not understand each other anymore nor even make the effort to. I hope in the future we can turn that trainwreck around! #art #hentai #eroticart #malesexuality #cancelculture