Researchers have discovered the oldest known #animal #sperm sample, dating back 100 million years. A piece of #amber caught dozens of small crustaceans called ostracods in a compromising position with their “soft parts” out, and weirder still their sperm is giant, measuring around a third of the animals’ body length. Ostracods are some of the most commonly found fossil remains, stretching all the way from the Ordovician to the present – a span of over 480 million years. But normally it’s only the hard calcified shells that remain, with softer tissues proving very rare. That makes the new discovery pretty amazing. The one piece of amber captured 39 individual ostracods, including males, females and juveniles, preserving their privates in unprecedented detail. #fossilrecord #floraandfauna https://newatlas.com/science/worlds-oldest-giant-sperm-amber/