Yelp data shows that 60% of the small businesses that closed across the U.S. are now closed permanently due to the draconian mandates by politicians to shut down businesses at gunpoint using the overhyped flu as a scapegoat. As of August, 163,735 businesses have indicated on Yelp that they have closed. The number of businesses that are now permanently closed has reached 97,966 representing 60% of closed businesses that won’t be reopening. This news surely makes the criminal cabal of international bankers very happy because shutting down small businesses is one of the key objectives of the planned crisis of COVID19. COVID19 is yet another planned crisis and a false flag like 9/11 on a long list of false flags that are coming up in the pipeline. The main objectives behind COVID19 are: 1. Mass surveillance on an Orwellian scale. You will be forced to tell the authorities where you've been, where you're going, whom you've met with and why and for how long, and allow them to keep track of your every movement. For your safety, of course. 2. New World Order, which is a world of absolute control of every aspect of human life. It's a world where you no longer have control over your own body or your own mind or your own decisions. It's a world where individuality is completely abolished and replaced with collectivism. It's a world of absolute submission to the whims of the authorities. 3. One World Government in which power, authority, and decision-making are centralized into the hands of fewer people at the very top of the pyramid. 4. Endless mass vaccinations with lab-made viruses to cripple the immune system permanently. The worst part about these mandatory vaccines is the fact that they contain experimental genetically modified substances that can permanently modify the human organism and create a new generation of GMO humans. Even more sinister, these "Humans 2.0" can be patented and owned by corporations as property. 5. Global tracking ID implants to monitor the movement of all citizens anywhere on the planet. This implant will eventually become the international passport of the One World Government that's always INSIDE the human body. 6. Cashless society through centralized debt-based digital fiatmoney to immediately shut down financial services to those who disobey the government. 7. Abolishment of small businesses to centralize the economy in the hands of monopolies like Amazon and Walmart. That way fewer families will be self-employed and the majority will be deplorable slaves to the system (employees) who are less likely to revolt and most likely to obey. 8. The quashing of the leaderless uprisings that ignited last year worldwide. 2019 will always be remembered as the year of leaderless mass protests when more people marched in protests than any other year in history. These uprisings were all fighting one common enemy: POLITICIANS AND THE BANKING CLASS THAT PUPPETEERS THEM. So what did the politicians and the banking class do to kill the uprising against them and prevent it from spreading to the United States? They faked a pandemic to create a crisis like 9/11 so they can set new rules like banning social gatherings and cracking down on people's movement through "contact tracing." Clever, isn't it? Thanks to COVID19, mass protests are now illegal. Your constitutional right to protest has been canceled. #Yelp #OperationWarpSpeed #StateOfEmergency #COVID19FalseFlag #NoJabNoPay Sources: