So much confusion arises because of problems with terminology. For instance, take the term "corporatism", which is often used today to denote a system in which corporations control the state or wield significant state power i.e. our present situation. The term "corporatism" is also used in fascist terminology to describe the fascist economic system. So many people look at these two terms and think that they mean the same thing. They therefore conclude that our current system is fascist. However, this is quite incorrect. Fascist corporatism describes a situation in which the state controls the corporations, rather than the corporations controlling the state. Under fascism, a corporation is an entity that covers a whole industry, such as fishing or textile manufactures. It is not an independent entity operating on the principle of profit maximisation. Rather, it is a unit of organisation of the workers and resources in an industry to ensure that it can be organised effectively to contribute to the national interest.