I'm building a new conscious network on Patreon by sharing conscious living practices… By sharing powerful insights from decades of personal growth and transpersonal coaching and healing, I'm hoping YOU will get many 'aha' moments that can and will make a big impact on your life. I'm often inspired to write or talk after deep meditations, and often the insights come for my clients/mentees and students - and for my larger worldwide audience -- that's you! This piece on “time segments” is a key practice I follow and teach, and I find this to be extraordinary useful, both in a personal sense and also a business one... "Try to become clear on “time segments” as you enter them. Every day, notice how there is a flow of time, and also energy. You can see your day as one big flow of time and energy, or you can choose to start consciously noticing how your day is made up of smaller flows. There will be definite turning points, or more gradual ones. Moving from your morning yoga class, for example, to catching the train for work presents a change in time segments. Arriving at the office is another... The more you notice these changes, the better you will become at guiding your intentions for that segment, which will help you align your, thoughts (vibrations) to better-feeling outcomes. Most people are not aware of these changes, so you will be ahead of the game, so to speak. You can help guide others. You also want to reflect on these segments just after you choose them, whenever you can..." The FULL article, with additional guidance, is available here on Patreon. Support us for just $5 a month (about the same as a fancy cup of coffee!). Plus you'll have access to many other articles! 😊✌️ https://www.patreon.com/posts/time-segments-41585996 #energymedicine #vibration #awareness