Oh Boy...MAGA, Rap, and Jesus... Are you starting to get the Feeling that America Gets it and are No Longer being Fooled by the Lies of the Left... Uht-Oh...I pity the Fool once Patriotism Kicks In...and by that I mean Love of Country and our God Given Freedoms...Appreciation for all that we have... BOOM...It's almost over...for the Treasonous and Seditious Criminals. MAGA From: Tyson James People!!!! speak up!!! Don't be afraid of the God hating baby killing left with their hateful accusations. They call us racist when we stand for our country and for our flag. Its time to stand up and speak the politically incorrect truth to point people towards the savior Jesus. Conservative Christian hip hop exists and they don't want you to know it. Help by liking, subscribing, sharing, and getting this message out! We in our OWN lane!!! Get right or get left!!! @Kelvin J. @Bryson Gray https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g92l6nSEKKg