https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7907h-xMkuw One of the most fundamental concepts that must be understood in the fields of sound recording, sound design, synthesis, and audio production, in general, is that of frequency and the frequency spectrum. The frequency spectrum of a sound not only contains its fundamental pitch, but it also contains a host of frequencies that give it its unique tone color. This episode covers the fundamental frequency, overtones, harmonics, and partials. Adobe Audition is utilized to visualize the frequency spectrum and see as well as hear the harmonics and partials that make up spoken voice as well as sung voice. Spear by Michael Klingbeil is used to understand how component sine waves come together in varying intensities and frequencies to make up the partials and harmonics in a sound. This tutorial is an essential primer in understanding sound frequencies and the frequency spectrum. Spear can be downloaded for free from http://klingbeil.com