A small alteration to beginning of the Rifleman's Creed. Have you noticed that of all the things the government did to 'stop the spread' sending masks to every household in America was not one of them? No no no, we had to make our own...from whatever, who cares. T-shirt? Of course. Bandana? Yeah obviously! Neoprene? Sure, pokes some holes in it so you can still breathe a little! I've yet to wear a mask outside of work (doing pest control there are many times where an actual respirator is required). I've been screamed at, threatened, attempts have been made to scare me out of stores, attempts have been made to make me feel shame or guilt. It all rolls off my back like water off a duck. Everything is an offer, in today's society you have to choose to be a slave. Well I am a Free Man, I choose freedom. I live free of all the tyranny by choice. This does make things hard sometimes, but I've found it's always worth it. Today was the 'end the mask' day...and I could not participate, because like I've said already...I don't wear one to make the moth people feel safe. But today I was all over Dallas/Ft Worth and saw only one other free human throughout my day. This mind control spell has its hooks deep, that's because everyone choose to go with it...people look around at all the other masks and they don't feel safe from a deadly disease... They see the other masks and think..."It wasn't me, it's not my fault, I didn't destroy everything...look they did it too." Then they see you without your mask, the rage is not driven by fear...the rage is driven by guilt. Guilt of being weak. Your maskless face reminds them that not everyone is a coward who does whatever Daddy Government says. The moth people chose the easy path, they went with the flow, they did it for 'the greater good'. But in doing so they accepted the mental shackle. They will accept the next one too. They are slaves. But there's good news. It's not our job to set them free. It's our job to build when everything around us is collapsing. To be there and in a position to help when they finally look up and see that there's another way. Many...and I mean a LOT of moths will never choose freedom. Let them have their Sodom. We must turn our backs to the 'progressive' ideals. We must relearn old knowledge and skills. It's up to US to keep America alive. We can raise our families and build our communities and businesses away from Gamorrah. Yikes...thought of a little meme and the Gravy wouldn't stop flowing...I'm not going to go back and rearrange things to the most ideal order...my mind started and my thumbs just did their best to catch up. I hope this helps some one. Never despair. Onward to Beartaria!