https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3dKS4PzXALE NTD Evening News-9/15/2020 1.Middle-East Leaders Sign Peace Deals 2. White House Guest: Abraham Accords Bring Warm Peace 3. Pompeo: Fewer Than 200 Al Qaeda in Afghan 4. New Bill Seeks to Strip China’s Status 5. Joe Biden Courts Hispanic Voters in FL 6. Trump: If Biden Can Do It, Anyone Can 7. Hurricane Sally to Hit Southeast US Soon 8. Film ‘Unpregnant’ Sends ‘Wrong Message’ 9. NYC Eyes Ban on Criminal Background Checks 10. Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade Won’t Be Live 11. Building Opens As NYC Real Estate Suffers 12. Inner Mongolia School Protests: Parents Punished 13. Australia Looks Into Foreign Meddling: Report 14. Chinese Firm Builds Huge Profile Database 15. EU Presses China on Trade, Human Rights 16. Indian Troops Ready at China Border 17. US Manufacturing Rises in August 18. Deloitte: Wealthy to Drive Holiday Sales 19. FedEx Hiring 70K Workers for the Holidays 20. Breathalyzer Might Detect CCP Virus 21. UK: Warning to Citizens Traveling to China 22. 5 Arrested Over Fire at Migrant Camp 23. Germans Out and About Amid Late Heatwave 24. Robot Serves Food at S.KOREAN Restaurant 25. Fin Whale Sighting Near Adriatic Coast #PeaceDeals #ChinaCollectsData #Trump ---------------------