I might live in my own little worlds. But that is okay. The people all know about me there.. The dreamers always say be yourself. The problem is I have lived such a weird life. Being a weirdo could be one of my official titles. Be wonderful? I try to be kind. Be sensitive? I pray Dear Lord do not let me cause pain. Impulsive? Let alone do I live inside my mind most of my greatest adventures happen there. Crazy? Oh I own that I do not go crazy. I go normal from time to time and wonder if others are really crazy? When I talk to them about facts. Mystical? I travel upon moonlight and if this is not a dream you all would not be in my life. Vulnerable/ I am bear with a missing eye and foot. Lovable? I am no longer sure of love.I think love might be fickle. Magical? If you have ever read my stories let alone will I drag you down the rabbit hole with me, I will introduce you to the white rabbit and Alice. Beautiful? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and see beauty everywhere. The right people will adore me? No. They will tolerate me because let alone weirdo. I might be one of the most dangerous story tellers of all time. For you see my life has been one statement it has not gone as planned. When something went wrong in my life? Daily these days I say plot twist and write another story. It might not move on from here. But here I am and I shall find a solution in the end. For if I always do what I have always done. i will always get what i have always gotten. In yet? I will be the change I need in this worlds to make them a better place.