Parsley Compound Kills Lung Cancer Cells and Acts as a Cancer Preventive A 2013 study published in PubMed reported that a compound found in parsley killed up to 86% of lung cancer cells in vitro (petri dish). The cancer cell killing substance is a naturally occurring, plant derived flavonoid called apigenin. Additional food sources containing abundant amounts of apigenin include: -Celery -Onions -Oranges -Chamomile tea -Oregano -Thyme -Coriander -Artichokes -Red wine. Still, one of the richest sources of this amazing compound is the leafy green vegetable parsley (Latin name:Petroselinum crispum). Dried parsley is the crème de la crème as far as apigenin content is concerned. By weight it’s 4.5% pure apigenin! Other Lab studies have demonstrated that apigenin can kill a variety of cancer cells: breast, ovarian, lung, pancreatic, prostate, and colon. http://www.endoriot.com/2015/01/parsley-compound-kills-86-of-lung.html