Brownies So, these are my brownies. Don’t be fooled by the picci, they’re about an inch and a half by an inch and a half or so. Maybe half brownie sized? That’s all there are .. It started out well enough . I got the thought to make brownies as a base for another dessert (that involved chocolate soup and blueberries), and I assembled the few necessary ingredients and decided I wanted to beat the heat and bake them in the toaster oven. All moved along quickly until I realized that the recipe called for an 8x8” pan, but only an 8x6” pan would fit in the small oven. I went ahead anyway. .. it’s only brownies innit. I carefully calculated how much should go into the smaller pan, and proceeded. It did warn not to overcook giving the original timing as 38 -40 mins. I thought 30 minutes would be fine for my smaller pan.. .. then I got involved watching tennis.. Anyways , out came some very crunchy edged brownies which had to be eaten immediately before they became rock hard.. thus the brownies on the edges were efficiently disposed of, as were the next layer in, as those were getting a bit dry too. (A lovely young Cabernet served to wash them down ;)) Now that the evidence of failure is gone, these brownies photographed above are from the centre of the pan. They are perfectly soft, moist and rich – crumbly and spiced with a touch of cayenne .. and just a little nutty. These two were just enough to make the practice desserts, there was even enough for a few brownie crumbles on top ;)) #dessert #food #myphoto #photography