Presents lylusss "I am a simple, old-fashioned girl, according to standard definition. I love to bake and cook, I find deep serenity in laying atop the fields of my grandparents farm - feeling the grass dance along my finger tips while the birds' song caress my ears. I don't swear and I go to church to pray. I pray that one day men will knock on girl's front doors again, holding flowers and wearing an anxious yet excited smile brought about only by, her. A world where a man will ask a woman to slow dance, twirl her around and hold her securely in his arms, allowing the world around them to mute and for both to become lost in one another's stare - in one another's souls. A world where the grass isn't always perceived to be greener on the other side, that people realize one's grass remains alive and green because one is out watering and tending to it daily. I am but a simple girl, hoping that the world evolves into a simple, romantic world.