Friends, One of the frustrating things I have had to deal with as a freelance, independent, self-taught investigative journalist is being told by government officials and naysayers that "You're not a real journalist." After 10 years of activism, 8 years of writing/researching, and about 6 years of taking my work very seriously, I have heard this more than a handful of times. It's frustrating not only as an attack on my credibility, but because when I break or report first on stories they are largely ignored by "normies" and the mainstream world. For example, two weeks ago, before I left Houston, I attended a press conference in downtown Houston. As I was waiting patiently to ask my question, Mary Benton, the Mayor's Press Secretary, came up to me to tell me I couldn't ask a question because I wasn't credentialed with the City of Houston. I reminded her that the Mayor and team know who I am and even she knows my work. She responded, "You're not a journalist, Derrick." I told her, "yes, I am, and just because you don't like my questions does not mean I am not a journalist." Eventually, I was allowed to ask Mayor Sylvester Turner and Houston Health Authority Dr. Persse about the problems with the COVID19 case numbers and the unreliable numbers coming from the state. I also talked to Dr. Persse about the problems with the PCR test. I asked him why they are encouraging testing when there are known problems with the test and the numbers. Dr. Persse acknowledged the problems and suggested a potential solution. Only days later it was reported by the BBC that a brand new study has also shown problems with the PCR test. Also, another story came out about the inflated numbers in Houston. So not a single "journalist" from the mainstream press in Houston asks about these important issues and when I do, I am told I am not a journo. Days later when I am vindicated by mainstream reporting there is still no acknowledgement by the local media on the importance of these stories. The point is that the vast majority of mainstream reporters are just reading a script. They hardly do actual investigative work and typically ask softball questions and read from teleprompters. I don't care so much that my work is dismissed by these folks as I do that important stories are being ignored because some people refuse to see the value in the work and questions. This only hurts the truth. People need to recognize that, yes, you can find truth on YouTube and the internet. (Obv you can find garbage too.) The age of journalists coming exclusively from universities where they have been propagandized to think that objectivity means dismissing certain viewpoints IS OVER. There is a growing number of self-taught, citizen journalist that are not going away no matter how much you attempt to silence us. The truth will find a way to reach those who still care for facts. - Derrick Broze