Every so often a person I do not actually know will show up on my channel simply to attack me personally or my character because of my views. They often use something called a Logical Fallacy that is an Ad Hominem attack. Ad hominem attacks are basically verbal or written attacks that are used because the attacker has a very weak position that they cannot defend or they have absolutely nothing positive, intellectual, or challenging to add to a conversation/discussion/debate. This meme pretty much sums up my attitude towards name calling playground bully types. Your opinion of me is meaningless. I am not offended. Grow up. Move on. You have done nothing but proven your inability to defend your own views. This is for you, from me, with whipped cream and a cherry on top. Eat it. Swill it down with my spit. #AdHominem #Trolls #Minds #Mindless #Cretins