Minds Official Android APK App: Minds•com/Mobile --- do NOT download nor use the Minds app from the Goolag Play Store! Many of you are aware the Minds app for Android on the Playstore is blocking/censoring a good amount of Minds content and users channels. Minds will not be taking the app off the playstore anytime soon. Its up to YOU, the Minds community to stop the censorship before its to late by using the Minds mobile app for Android hosted on the Minds website, and boycotting the app on the Google Playstore. The MCOSI is working hard with some of the staff, to make the Minds download link more conspicuous, and by significantly ramping up the documentation, so you can be comfortable installing the .apk file. Stop supporting censorship and start better supporting free speech! Get the FREEDOM version of the app here (too bad it wasn't the only version): Minds•com/Mobile --- this is the Official Minds Android APK App, the Minds app on the Goolag Play Store is NOT the official android app. Fuck Google Goolag, Fuck Alphabet, Fuck Larry Page, Fuck David Drummond, Fuck John Hennessy, Fuck Ruth Porat, Fuck Sergey Brin, & Fuck Sundar Pichai. ----- Minds•com/Mobile https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/991777316591575040