"The mayor said budget cuts have hampered the police department's ability to respond to high-risk situations." You don't say! If only someone somewhere could have foreseen that, huh? Where are all your "social workers"? I thought we were defunding Police to make room for more "counselors" to totally handle all this shit for us. To go in there and just...you know...listen to the screeching violent maniacs trying to kill people. I mean, if someone had just bothered to stop and listen to the screaming man running toward them waving a knife around I'm sure he would have calmed down.....after he stabbed the "counselor" a few times, but you know...at least the Police wouldn't have shot him and that's really the important thing, right? Police bad. Violent raging criminals good. *eye roll* https://www.yahoo.com/news/help-pennsylvania-mayor-issues-desperate-193701085.html