Well, they've been wrong about everything...This seems par for the course. It's More Like...If Joe Biden Cheats his way Into Power there will be Widespread Chaos...WHEN President Trump gets re-elected...There will be Law and Order Restored. Our President has never endorsed chaos...That's a Democrat Tool. Look, I really don't want to see it come down to a Civil War...Really I don't...But Enough People are Awake and Aware Now as to what the Democrats and the Deep State Coup Cabal are up to...and I suspect they will not just allow the Deceitfuls to move in and take over shop...the Dems and RINO's know it, but they have no other choice but to keep pushing the narrative. It's a matter of Life or Death to them, as we all know the penalty for Treason...and there are indeed Traitors among us. Maybe they should Stop To Consider that We The People Will NOT Allow them to Cheat their way back into office. The Democrats are Defeated Already and They Do it to Themselves. Nobody wants to Live in a World that looks like Portland or Chaz...But that is exactly what we'll get if the Democrats are in Control... Obviously... Just look to the hardest hit, poorly run, Democrat Run Cities as an example... Joe Biden and Kamela Support the Rioters Looters Arsonists and Murderers...They've contributed to the Bailout Fund...They've shown their True Colors and where their allegiance stands, and it's not in our Best Interest, that's for sure. They will Prepare Riots...They Will Try to Take our Constitutional Rights by Force...We Have to be Wiser and Fight Back a Lot harder than we did for Face Mask Mandates...Yeah... They really don't want to Push We The People into a Corner...There will be Consequences. The Democrats Work FOR US...Not Lord Over Us...They ought to be Sure to Understand that. We are No Longer Ignorant and therefore Easily Controlled...We have become Informed and Aware of our Choices...and We Choose Freedom. https://www.lawenforcementtoday.com/tip-co-founder-suggests-that-if-trump-wins-the-election-there-will-be-widespread-chaos/