BITCHUTE IS A TERRIBLE GARBAGE SITE. I'VE HAD IT. JOSHWHOTV IS LIGHTYEARS BETTER AND YET EVERYONE PREFERS TO USE BITSHIT. WHY? I just spent a couple hours uploading that 'Bear Shite Sightings' video to BitChute (because my off grid internet sucks) and it just STOPS. FOR NO FUCKING REASON. No explanation given. I am bout done with that garbage site. 'Leading alternative to YouTube' my dick. BitChute sucks. JoshWhoTV is WAAAAY SUPERIOR for infinite reasons. 1.) You can livestream there. You can't on BitChute. Not only that but know you can set up restreaming options. 2.) Videos upload perfectly on JWTV. There are so many upload problems on BitChute its not funny: 3.) Videos don't process half the time on BitShit and get stuck in 'Process and Publish' mode. The upload picture during the initial upload screen is broken. If not for catching it and fixing it once its in PAP mode, then your video will have no picture. That's why you see those videos with no pic. 95 percent of Bitchute audience only care about informative videos and see to have no interest in art or entertainment but idk if that'll change on any platform. BitChute has also been censoring periodically, JWTV doesn't. 4.) Oh and with JWTV, you can rest assured it will look good when you embed it on social media platforms, title of video and all. BitChute stopped posting titles of videos in small print when you embed them. Now all you see when you embed them on Minds or anywhere is a picture and the name of the channel. And if you are one of the unlucky sonsabitches who forgot to re add the picture after it disappears in between upload and Process and Publish, well then expect no one to know what the fuck you just posted to your social media. It didn't used to be like that. What happened? Well, I think BitChute got bought out by some Soros funded elites and they have been gradually breaking it down from the inside to control and destroy the opposition. 5.) Also BitChute's customer service is awful. I have never been able to get in touch with them for a problem. JoshWhoTV? They usually reply within 24 hours. Leading alternative my ass. I think people just use it because its the only alternative to YouTube they know. Well not anymore. Go over to JoshWhoTV instead: https://www.joshwhotv.com/ . You won't be disappointed #BitChute #JoshWhoTV #BitChutesucks